Duke University Fellowship Programs

Duke University or University and Colorado Denver is also offering fellowship programs that include fellowship program in Internal Medicine. The institution takes pride in offering students outstanding investigators, learners and clinicians. Students will deal with fundamental scientific discoveries in improving human health in the world.  Since one of the best fellowship programs of the institution is internal medicine, successful student who are accepted and selected will have the opportunity to have a superb understanding in health of individual patients. Duke University is proud to be at the forefront of transformation because they are training leaders in health care through outstanding and comprehensive clinical training to junior, senior and intern residents in Internal Medicine. In the three years of study of students, students’ internal medicine is expected to:

  • Become great clinicians and have the ability to manage and diagnose unusual and common clinical problems.
  • Develop into efficient teachers of medicine that have the experience and the contribution to clinical education.
  • Learn many aspects about health promotion and preventive medicine
  • Learn in delivering compassionate care to patients that adhere to core elements of humanism, medical professionalism and ethical principles.
  • Understand the contribution of scientific investigations and fundamental mechanisms of disease as well as translation of clinical therapies.

Getting into Duke University or University of Iowa  and applying to one of the top fellowship programs is a nice decision. If you want to be educated, learn and be skilled, then becoming part of the institution is what you need to do. This is the time to learn and have a full understanding about internal medicine, apply at Duke University today!

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