Direct Medical Programs After High School

Many potential doctors are exploring options of medical school when they are in their undergraduate education and students as of now as lucky because there are universities offering direct or combined medical programs that will enable them to be admitted. On the other hand, the criteria are stringent; there are still students who want to enroll with it.

Direct Medical Programs

Direct Entry Medical Schools for you

Rensselaer Polytech and Albany Medical School: This is one of the direct entry medical schools that is providing a joint entry program for high school seniors. It evaluates students that are based on their SAT score, high school background, preparation and maturity. For students who will be admitted to the program, they need to invest 5 semesters in taking their science work and laboratory. Becoming part of the school gives you many chances in meeting what you want and needs.

Baylor University Medical School: The school is situated in Waco, Texas but they are only accepting 4 outstanding students. Prospective students need to have a score of above 1400 on combined verbal and math portions of SAT. They need to be in the top 5% of their high school class. For students who will be admitted, they need to maintain a grade point average of 3.4 in order to stay in their chosen program. The university is also offering alternative programs together with Rice University and they are selecting 10 students to complete a bachelor’s degree at Rice University.

Case Western Reserve University: It is one of the direct entry medical schools to choose from. They provide a direct entry program for prospective students wherein they need to complete a joint M.D. and B.S. more than 8 year period. Additionally, students must need to complete the SAT, high school transcripts, GPA and on-campus interview. To become part of the school, students need to be in the top 10 of their graduating class and earn SAT score between 2200 and 3200.

Caltech and UCSD: California Institute of Technology together with the University of California, San Diego is offering a direct entry medical program to 6 students every year. Students must need to apply to Caltech as early as possible. For accepted students, they need to complete some of the additional application needed for direct entry. They will also need to undergo with interview and maintain a GPA of 3.5 for them to remain in the program and to have the opportunity in advancing their medical school at the University of California.

University of Missouri: The direct medical school is offering one of the best and the fastest paths to Doctor of Medicine. In 6 years, students from baccalaureate will be engaged to coursework, clinical rounds and others. They will also learn important things they need for their career.

Studying is not easy because students must need to have the passion, the eagerness and commitment. When you decide to study direct entry medical program, you should at least have these three things to become successful. When it comes to school you want to enter, choose above and you are guaranteed to be educated.

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