Dermatology Residency Personal Statement

The dermatology personal statement is one of the residency requirements that allows you to express facts, feelings and thoughts about yourself. The statement is one page and has font size of 12. It is important that you write the essay using complete sentence, correct spelling and proper grammar. The personal statement is important for the committee to know you more.

Structure of Dermatology Residency Personal Statement

Here is a good structure that you should know in writing personal statement dermatology.

dermatology residency personal statementPersonal background: If you have life experience, travel experience or family member experience that led to medicine in particular or general field of medicine, you can include it in your personal statement.

dermatology residency personal statementMedical experiences: If you have doctor-patient interaction, patient encounter or any other experience, write it.

dermatology residency personal statementReasons in choosing the field: Tell on things you like, personal characteristics and reasons you are a good fit in the dermatology residency programs.

dermatology residency personal statementYour future: What are your plans for five to ten years the time you completed your residency.

Note: Aside from opening and concluding paragraph, you need to include these details in the body of your personal statement. You need to address the information being asked so that you give a complete insight of who you are and what you have done.

dermatology residency personal statementIntroduction: You need to entice your readers with a good beginning explaining a good story. You need to include a brief story or hobby that is related to your medical aspiration. The first sentence must be intriguing.

dermatology residency personal statementBody paragraphs: You can have at least two to three paragraphs elaborating your reasons in choosing the specialty.

dermatology residency personal statementConclusion: Present about your long-term goals, you need to convince your readers and have strong closing.

Tips in Writing the Personal Statement

dermatology personal statement personal statementBe clear: You need to be clear in writing your residency application essay for the committee to understand what you are talking about. Also, if your essay is clear, they can easily understand it. They will be more focus in reading your personal statement, especially if you start it with attention grabbing sentence.

dermatology personal statement personal statementUse simple sentence structure: If you want to present your essay clearly, you need to use clear structure. The clear structure will help the readers to get what you want to say. Be sure that main points are separated so that it will not be cluttered

dermatology personal statement personal statementBe specific: In writing the ERAS personal statement, you need to be specific, especially when it comes to name. For instance, you need to name that organization who helped you, instead of just saying “the organization helped me a lot”. This is generic and not being specific. You should write or say “the Medicine Club Project helped me a lot”.

dermatology personal statement personal statementUse simple language: The committee wants to read an exceptional essay and not about big words or flowery language. You need to use simple language that is formal. Also, you should not use casual language in writing the essay.

dermatology personal statement personal statementOverused “I”: It is okay to use the “I”, but overusing is not good. Try to read a paper full of “I’s” and you will find out that it is terrible. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, do well. Think on what you need to write.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

personal statement dermatologyOverusing the “I”

personal statement dermatologySentence structure repetition

personal statement dermatologyRehashing your CV

personal statement dermatologyUsing clichés

personal statement dermatologyNot being specific

There you have the information you need to know in writing the personal statement for residency application. Be sure that you know what you need to do before start writing. It is good if you have enough time to write because you can create many drafts and finalize it.

Start writing your dermatology residency personal statement today!

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