Dental Residency Programs

It should be clear that it is not easy to get into dental residency programs. The residency program will be your help to be educated and trained. You can learn more with the programs such as techniques and concepts and start writing your dental residency personal statement as soon as possible!

Statistical Data on Number of Applicants Last Year

According to reports, the number of applicants last year is lesser compared to applicants for this year. There are many medical students who want to become dentist in their community.

Top Notch Schools Offering Dentist Residency Program

dental residency programsNew York University College of Dentistry (Advanced Placement DDS Program): The biggest advantage of the program is that they are offering a 3-year program. The good thing with the school is that they have easy admission, great clinical facilities and large advanced placement class. They also have 125 seats for the advanced placement students.

dental residency programsUniversity of Pennsylvania: The school ranked as the top seven in Canada and US. This top tier university has 26 seats that are available for foreign-trained students. They are offering a two-year program, which is an advantage for students who want to study in a short period of time.

dental residency programsUniversity of Southern California: The school has 32-seat program offering a large number of seats to students. Qualified candidates are required to attend the on-campus written exam and technical exam. Students will study 2 years and they like to enroll in the program because of their great clinical emphasis.

dental residency programsBoston University: It is the best choice for dentists that are looking for 2-year dentistry program in the United States. They have approximately sixty-five seats that are available and the good thing is that there are many students accepted and interviewed. The program has a student-friendly environment and a supportive faculty.

dental residency programsUniversity of California: The program is admitting 24 foreign-trained students every year. For successful students, they are required to attend the on-campus written exam and technical exam. The program can be completed in 2 years. The school has good climate and decent clinical experience.

dental residency programsUniversity of Illinois at Chicago: Visa students are not accepted to the 2-year program. The residency program is perfect for citizens or residents on the United States.

dental residency programsUniversity of the Pacific: This is a 22-residency program and it offers great program. There are many reasons to attend the program and it can be completed in two years. They have friendly faculty environment and awesome clinical emphasis.

dental residency programsLoma Linda University: It is a 16-seat program and can be completed in two years. They have large patient availability, which is good because students can learn more and get more experience. They have a good curriculum that is perfect for everyone.

dental residency programsUniversity of Pittsburgh: They have a high overall ranking in offering residency program. The university is requiring student’s pre-clinical experience because it is part of their admission process. The program can be complete in two years and it is regarded as higher-end university.

dental residency programsTufts University: The program is offering exciting courses in implantology and it can be completed in two to three years. It is also regarded as higher-end university in terms of research and clinical exposure.

It is important to know about dentist residency, especially if you have a plan to get more training and experiences. The medical fellowship will be your help to learn everything you need and you are lucky because in a short period of time, you can complete it. Some of the programs require student to invest at least two to three years of their time to complete the residency program. If you want to become a great dentist, then make sure that you choose the best school.

Choose from these dental residency programs today!

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