Dental Residency Personal Statement

Dental residency personal statement is essential aspect of application process. It is a good opportunity to present traits of the applicant that cannot be seen in other application. This is a chance that you need to take advantage to help you set yourself apart from the rest.

Structure of Personal Statement Dental Residency

When it comes to word count of the essay residency application, the program asks students to write 500 words or in some cases, 250 words only that is why it is important to structure the essay effectively. In this case, you need to have your opening paragraph, at least 3 body paragraphs and concluding paragraph.

Tips in Writing the Personal Statement

It is important that you should know how to get into residency so that you can increase your chance to be accepted. You are lucky because there are tips and guidelines that you will know online to help you.

dental residency personal statementAttention grabbing introduction: Admission committee read hundreds of essays and it is essential that you get their attention by having an attention-grabbing introduction. It is not just enough that you have a great opening attention, but you need to make sure that you hold their attention throughout your essay.

dental residency personal statementBe personal: Do not be afraid in showing your emotion in your personal statement. Showing compassion, passion, empathy and other feelings is not bad. This is better to do because it helps the reader to get insight about your personality.

dental residency personal statementMake a statement: Show your commitment in dentistry obvious and you also need to show that you are ready in taking dental school as well as challenges. Doing this will help you to get a spot on the dental residency programs.

dental residency personal statementBe original: Braces stories are commonly used by students and you need to avoid it. It is better if you use original and unique experiences in order to be different from other applicants.

dental residency personal statementUse dental terminology: If you want to impress the committee, you can use terminology in showing that you are knowledgeable enough in your chosen profession. For instance, you can use lateral or central incisor instead of maxillary left molar or front tooth.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Dental Application Personal Statement

personal statement dental residencyTalking about grades: This can be seen in your application so no need to write it in your personal statement. You should not also include other statistics.

personal statement dental residencyIncluding irrelevant information: The space is only limited so do not waste it by including irrelevant information. The admission committee does not need to know each detail of your life. As long as you included relevant information, it is enough to satisfy them.

personal statement dental residencyRush yourself: This is one of the mistakes of students because they tend to rush in writing their personal statement. Writing the essay needs more time and do not expect that the time you have a draft, you submit it. No! You need to plan, brainstorm and think carefully on what you need to include in your essay.

personal statement dental residencyNot clear: An essay that is not clear will not be like by admission committee. It is better to write simple because it is easy to read than using big words that the committee cannot understand.

personal statement dental residencyNot being specific: You need to be specific in writing your essay.

When it comes to residency, you need to undergo with ERAS application. You need to make sure that you have completed all the requirements for your application to be reviewed. Regardless, if you really want to get the residency, then do your best. Invest enough time and get a help if you need it.

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