Dental Residency Overview

A dentist is a medical professional who treats gums and teeth, which include maintenance for oral health and treating acute problems like performing root canals, filling cavities as well as treating tooth decay. If you apply for dental residency program, you have the chance to know about the positive and negatives of it. If you become part of the program, you will know what are the services you need to do. You will be taught about the concepts and aspects of being a dentist. You will know about oral healthcare and reasons it is in-demand and necessary.

The aim of programs in the residency programs list is to train students in delivering comprehensive oral health care in many medical disciplines. The program will engage students to orientation lectures during ground rounds and conferences in general dentistry. The residency program disciplines include dental phobia, dental materials, esthetic dentistry, endodontic, medical evaluation, pathology, implantology and much more.

Resident Dental Career Outlook

It is important that you know what the career outlook for dentist is so that you get ideas on their salary, what other career options they can choose from and what degree they need to complete. You are lucky because this page will provide the information you are looking for.

dental residencyIncome: Becoming a dentist has a healthy income with median salary of $145,340 in the year 2013 in the report of BLS. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they do not have specific details on expected salary for dental anesthesiologist. They said that the median hourly wage is $81.78 that will be equivalent to $170,110.Balanced lifestyle: Having a career in dentistry give balanced lifestyle between family, social life and work. Most dentists work as full time and others work three days in each week.

dental residencySelf-employment: Dentistry career allows you to become your own boss by practicing on your own. With it, you can have more freedom and can make decisions.

dental residencyWorking conditions: Approximately 90% of the dentists are engaged in delivering care to patients through private practices. For full time dentists, they spend 36 hours every week wherein 33 hours each week is spent in treating patients. The remaining 10% dentists teach dental education programs, deliver care and conduct research in US public health service, Indian health service, armed forces and in other clinical settings. For dentists engaged in research, teaching and other related positions, they work 40 hours.

Dental Fellowship Residency Application Process

Applicants must need to complete their application before the deadline. Check the program site to know their deadline because each residency program differs when it comes to submission deadline. You need to check the program once in a while to be informed on what you still need to submit.

Overview: It is important to contact the program you choose in obtaining current as well as complete application instructions. Residency programs participate in PASS or postdoctoral application service program and it is designed in meeting needs of postdoctoral programs. In applying, here are some of the documents that you need to submit electronically.

resident dentalDean’s letter

resident dentalUniversal application together with personal statement

resident dental2 personal potential index evaluations

resident dentalDental school transcript

resident dentalBoards transcript or scores

Postdoctoral Application Support Service: This is centralized application service available for dental students who are applying for advanced dental education programs. PASS simplify application process by giving standardized format relieving candidates the need to complete many applications. In the record of American Dental Education Association, over 555 United States postdoctoral programs are participating in PASS.

Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program: This program is automated system that is based on program list for students. Applicants who seek positions using the match program should register using ADEA PASS portal.

After applying to the program you choose, applicants will be invited by the program to participate in their interview process. There are no offers being made in the interview period.

Stay organized: To have a successful application, applicants must need to pay attention to details and organized. Some of the programs require students to submit official dental school and undergraduate transcripts, extracurricular activities, national Board Dental Exam scores, work experience and letters of recommendation.

Advanced education application checklist: There are fees that should be paid when applying for advanced education programs. You need to keep in mind the potential fees that are associated with PASS application, board scores, ordering transcripts, travel expenses and supplemental applications.

Start to apply for your residency program in dental or UNC pediatric residency while there are still slots available. Make sure that you have completed application and complete all requirements that are needed. You should not waste your time doing other things because if you want to get the training, education and skills you need to give the best dentistry service, start to plan and think how you will apply to the program. The very first thing you should do is to check the complete list of requirements in applying to the program.

Apply in your chosen dental residency today!

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