Dartmouth Medical School

History of Dartmouth Medical School

Dartmouth Medical SchoolDartmouth Medical School was established by Nathan Smith in 1797. The school started with only a few students under the administration of Smith. Expansion occurred in Dartmouth Medical School’s later years including the introduction of a newly improved curriculum geared to address the medical needs and demands of today’s society.

Dartmouth Medical School Departments

  • MD Program, entails 4 years of in-depth study and hands on training in the field of medicine.
  • MD-PhD, for training physician-scientists and preparing them for the demands of the 21st century.
  • MD-MBA, offered in partnership with the Dartmouth Business School for training future leaders in medical administration and health care.
  • MD-MPH, offered in partnership with the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & clinical practice
  • MD-MS, offered in partnership with the Dartmouth School of Engineering to train professionals aiming for a career in clinical practice while gaining engineering research skills

Dartmouth Medical School Application Requirements

The requirements that should accompany your application to the Dartmouth Medical School are

  • 1 year or equivalent to 8 semester hours of general physics and biology
  • 2 years or equivalent to 16 semester hours of chemistry with one semester of organic chemistry, and biochemistry taken for one semester
  • One half year or equivalent to 3 semester hours of college level mathematics, must include statistics or calculus
  • Skills or capacity in both spoken & written English
  • 3 years of post-secondary study in either Canadian or U.S. universities/colleges which exposed the applicant to the humanities and sciences
  • MCAT scores

Dartmouth Medical School Admission Process

The Dartmouth Medical School Admission process observes equality to all. Applicants are guaranteed to be granted admission based on their requirements and will not be discriminated due to their race, gender, or etc. The review process takes place from September through April and qualified applicants will be notified via email for interview invitations.

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