Columbia University

History of Columbia University

Columbia UniversityThe Columbia University goal is to prepare students to become reflective and skilled people who can effectively help other people. Students will learn how to improve their skills, gain experience and more. They help students to develop their confidence. The top graduated  school wants to help each person to become a one of a kind individual that can be a help from other people.

Columbia University Departments

The Columbia University has lots of departments. Here are some of the available departments that applicants can choose.

•           Biological Sciences Department

•           Dermatology Department

•           Film Program

•           General Medicine

•           History Department

•           Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department

•           Linguistics Department

•           Mechanical Engineering Department

•           Music Department

•           Pediatrics Department

•           Political Science Department

•           Religion Department

•           Statistics Department

•           Chemistry Department

•           Religion

•           Business affairs

•           Computer science

Columbia University Application Requirements

•           100 dollars of application fee ( non-refundable)

•           Official transcript of record from the university that attended

•           For original transcript that is not written in English, applicants must need to provide an English translation of the document

•           Three letters of recommendation

•           An active email address

•           Writing test score ( the writing test in required for master’s programs wherein applicant is tested based on writing skill, historical facts and general knowledge)

•           GRE

•           Proof of English eligibility ( for international students)

•           Current TOEFL score or IELTS score

•           Personal essays (750 word limit)

•           Current curriculum vitae

Columbia University Admission Process

Not all students are qualified to enter Columbia University which means you need to know what the Columbia University admission is so that you can be able to qualify. It is necessary that you will ensure to submit the requirements on time. All applicants that do not submit the application requirements on or before the deadline are not accepted.  Check out about education graduate schools. Finally, applicants need to follow the rules and only submit needed requirements.

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