Choosing Proper Pediatric Urology Fellowship in 2015-2016

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The goal of a residency program is to produce competent and well-rounded physicians that can practice independently. The aim of the program is to level up the competence in terms of recognition, resuscitation, evaluation and stabilization of patients. Because of this, it is the reason why residency program becomes popular.

Career Path or Possible Jobs in Pediatric Urology

  • Pediatric Urology nurse
  • Pediatric urology care physician
  • Nemours foundation is seeking for pediatric urologist
  • Maine medical center is looking for certified urologist

pediatric urology fellowship

Tips in Choosing Urology Fellowship Programs

  • Where to interview: Ask what the main emphasis in the country where you will be interviewed is. Is it OB, general surgery, medicine or urology? Take note that rural programs have different emphasis compared to inner city programs.
  • Interview day: You need to gather lots of information about the program so that you can easily understand all the questions that will be given to you. You need to answer questions as how did you get interested with urology, what you can bring to the program and what are your future goals.
  • Make notes: You need to rely on the impressions you have. Do you like the hospital and its atmosphere? Are the residents and other people are intelligent, friendly and genuine? Is the environment is wonderful? When you get home, check your notes.
  • Residency director: With this, you need to check if there are changes in the curriculum, if there is stability and look for their philosophy. For funding, you need to know where it came from and check if it’s stable or not.
  • Residents: You also need to ask other residents like questions why they chose the program, if they meet their expectations and other information.

Schools Offering Pediatric Urology

In choosing, it is important that you have a list of urology fellowship programs. You need to apply to programs that you know in order to get a job when you are finished. Start choosing the urology program for you today!

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