Changes in Graduate Education in 2013

Many graduate education changes last year involved geography. There was a marked shift away from the nations that would have traditionally been associated with graduate school. While some of the searches that or

iginated from relative newcomers might have been from international students looking to study abroad, it’s more likely that many of them want to attend local universities. The fact that these searches were in English also shows a new toward the use of the English language internationally.

Graduate Education

Graduate education received on Google Trends a search value of 100 in the West African country of Ghana. While there may be some students looking to study abroad, Ghana certainly does have top educational destinations within their own nation as well. Nigeria also rounded out this list with a search value of 52.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific also look to be performing well. Hong Kong showed a value of 18, South Korea showed a value of 17 and Singapore had one of 13. More notable was the Philippines, which clocked in at 44. That value actually ties the United States, and shows just how far Filipino educational opportunities have come.

Graduate School Ranking

Ranking information is sometimes difficult to assemble. Different organizations rank schools differently. Due to this fact applicants will often spend a great deal of time researching different ranking charts, which has caused several of them to trend on the keyword lists. Regardless of any of this, there have been some major events that changed the rankings in the last year.

Most notably several distance education schools have climbed the rankings charts. While previously only traditional and state schools enjoyed this kind of stature. Now other institutions are doing so, and this reflects a major shift in the way that ranking bodies are looking at the way they suggest which schools to attend to students. That could actually be shocking considering the fact that these organizations are sometimes tied to different academic groups.

List of Graduate Schools

Search data about lists of graduate schools shows a considerably stronger national bias when it comes to the United States, according to Google Trends information. This probably has to do with the wider variety of colleges within the USA. In some ways this is a reflection of the fact that American schools are slightly looser when it comes to matters of licensing and such. As a result there are simply many more than in other countries, and this is naturally reflected when it comes to search data.

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