Cardiology Fellowship Programs

Cardiology Fellowship Programs

Training to be the best in your field can be possible with available fellows. These will help you in becoming a more capable leader in the field of cardiology in the 21st century. Here are some of the cardiology fellowship programs that can help you achieve your goals.

Stanford School of Medicine General Cardiology Fellowship (

This program lasts for 3 years but optional additional years focused on research can also be achieved. Its curriculum is designed to prepare you a career in academic cardiology. Weekly conferences, clinical training and clinical rotations are some of the offerings you will get from this fellowship opportunity.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship (

Cardiology Fellowship Programs

Focusing on academic pediatric cardiology through this program will take 3 years. Additional training opportunities are also made available. Your first year is clinically oriented while the second year emphasized on clinical work and the start of a research project. In the third year, the emphasis is again on your research and more intensive clinical responsibilities.

University of Connecticut School of Medicine Program (

The cardiology fellowship programs require you to take it for 3 years but this will reward you with a Board Eligibility in Cardiovascular Disease. Your clinical trainings will take place at the St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center and John Dempsey Hospital. Extensive trainings focus on invasive and non-invasive cardiology, patient care, and clinical, basic and transnational research.

Cedars – Sinai Cardiology Fellowship (

A preparation for a career in academic cardiology, this program will expose you to exceptional clinical training. These trainings focus on all aspects of cardiovascular diseases and the contemporary therapeutic modalities. One of its major strengths is its high volume of clinical cases where you get access to diverse medical problems to gain more experience.

UCLA Cardiology Fellowship Training Program (

Your training in clinical cardiology under the cardiology fellowship programs are held at the UCLA Medical Center and the Olive View – UCLA Medical Center. The opportunities offered can be focused on clinical tract or a combination of clinical training and research. This leads to an advanced degree in clinical research.

Have you made up your mind on where to go for your career? These fellows can give you an edge in pursuing your dream job. Pick your cardiology and vascular fellowship programs and meet their requirements so you can be accepted.

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