Biomedical Research

In our busy and dynamic routine every day, we may not notice but every aspect of our lives is tinged with biomedical research in one way or another. It is through this science that we stay healthy, free of diseases and are able to carry on with our lifestyles and have better and longer lives.

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What is Biomedical Research?

Biomedical Research is a field of science that deals with the identification, prevention and treatment of diseases and illnesses on the microbiological and cellular level. It involves extensive and careful observation, experimentation, identification and testing which is carried on by highly trained professionals. This aims to discover and develop innovations in the health sciences, which can help in the production of fresh technologies in the field of medicine and research.

Significance of Research

The challenges in the field of medicine are never ending. Up to this date, particularly in the infectious diseases spectrum, there have been recurrent problems in the treatment of notorious multidrug resistant infections, like for example pulmonary tuberculosis, due to the emergence of mutated strains. The same can be said with evolving and mutating viruses such as the Influenza H1N1, which caused a pandemic recently.

Continuous scientific medical research, therefore, is of high value. Without the skills and knowledge of our biomedical scientists, it can, without a doubt, be said that we would have been defeated by these infectious diseases a long time ago and we may still be searching for effective interventions in vain.

Research in biomedical science is a never ending process of what must be known, how to know it and why must we know it.  Its significance cannot be more emphasized as all of medical breakthroughs have their roots in the researches done at the biomedical science field.

Impact on Medicine and Healthcare

The medicine and all of its discipline, be it general practice, obstetrics, pediatrics or internal medicine, all revolve around and benefit from biomedical science. Through researches, more and more health problems are provided with solutions. Patients now have a wide variety of treatment options to choose from. Physicians are now able to provide different management strategies customized to the type of patient that they have and also to the latter’s preference. Different diagnostic modalities are now available which are getting more and more sensitive and specific.

We all aim to live long, healthy and disease-free. Without a doubt, research in medicine is an indispensable science to which we owe the ease and peace of mind in our health that we have now.