Best Social Work Graduate Programs

If you want to take a degree in helping others, the program that is perfect for you is social work. There are many best social work graduate programs online that you can check out. Social workers serve people communities and families. They work with others, schools, government and corporations. If you want to take it, there is nothing wrong with it but it is important that you able to enroll in the best university.

Top Social Work Graduate Schools

  1. University of Michigan: It is one of the leading graduate social work programs in the world and according to the report of US News and World Report, it ranks as number one. The social work program of the school prepares students to serve the community or the society at local, national and international level. Their faculty consists of internationally recognized professionals. Their comprehensive program is offering nine concentrations that students can choose from.  The graduate program, allows students to be interested working with youth as well as children. The good thing is that they are offering dual degree programs with the combination of social work information, administration, urban planning, public health law and public policy.
  2. University of Chicago: The social work program of the university is ranked as the third by US News and World Report. The social work graduate program of the school is one of the oldest graduate schools in the nation. The university is offering a wide experiential and education foundation with the combination of direct social work practice together with interdisciplinary research, social science theory and policy development. The institution is preparing students to become leaders with the commitment to economic and social justice.
  3. Washington University: Washington University consistently in the high rank. They are one of the leaders in the nation and in the world offering the best social work program. The university is providing training in practice, research and policy. They are providing a flexible curriculum to graduate student with strong understanding about the fundamental allowing students to make their own course of study. They provide six concentrations that include gerontology, social and economic development, management, mental health, children youth, families, and health.
  4. Columbia University: It is one of the graduate schools of social work that is ranked as the fifth by US News and World Report and they placed as second by Princeton Review. The best thing is that they have a world-renowned faculty. They are offering a two-year program with advanced standing program. Students can able to choose an advanced practice method concentrations in advanced clinical social work practice, policy practice, advanced generalist practice and programming and social enterprise administration.
  5. University of Berkeley: As well as mathematics graduate school the school has international and national renowned faculty members. They allow students to perform research in identifying the best practices, design innovative social interventions and improve service delivery. The university is training students for leadership positions and advanced practice roles in the program.

Enrolling at the best university is important that is why you need to have a list on what are the leading graduate schools offering social work graduate program. This page presents to you the best programs you can choose from that are why you need to grab the opportunity and start knowing more about them now!

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