Best Second Degree Nursing Programs

Best Second Degree Nursing Programs

Best Second Degree Nursing ProgramsBest Second Degree Nursing Programs

Whether you are exploring the possibility associated with nursing or really want it for yourself, you may be interested to know that there are second-degree nursing programs you can have. The program is available for women and men that hold a baccalaureate degree in another field but have the plans in pursuing a nursing degree. In addition, you may read more information about the best accredited nursing programs on our site.

Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Programs Top List

  1. Loma Linda University: The Loma University has accelerated second-degree nursing program for students who have BS or BA in another field. To be eligible for a second degree in the school, the student must need to meet the prerequisite presented. The good news is that the school has a fast track in nursing.
  2. Seton Hall University: Seton Hall University is one of the institutions offering 2nd degree nursing programs that can be completed in 14 months. For a standard program, you can finish the program in 22 months. The program is being offered at the Georgian Court University and classes include psychiatric nursing, community health, introduction to pediatric and adult nursing.
  3. Belmont University: The school has a fast track nursing program to students who have a 4-year degree. It can be finished in 16 months for students who are full time. Prerequisite courses include abnormal psychology, advanced math, life span development human anatomy and others.
  4. Michigan University: The Michigan University is one of the accelerated second degree nursing programs you can choose. They are ensuring a full benefits and education to their students. They are providing a broad professional preparation in nursing science, behavioral sciences and humanities.
  5. Duquesne University: The second degree nursing program of the school enables students to complete the program in 1 year. The program includes 3 semesters of intensive course work that comprises more than 850 hours of  web enhanced seminars, traditional classroom instruction and state of the art healthcare settings.

Allowing yourself to take a second degree nursing program is one of the best decisions you can ever make because you are allowing yourself to get a higher education, rewarding career and better future. If you really want a nursing program, start to apply to best accelerated nursing programs!

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