Best School for Economics

Best schools for economics are needed to know for students to experience a high level of education allowing them to apply what they have learned. If you want to know the best list as well as the top  graduate schools economics listed, here is what you need to know.

Great Graduate School in Economics

  1. University of Chicago: According to US News and World Report, University is Chicago is one of the top ten that gets high ranking in the nation. In the year 2009, the school also gets a high rank and it continues to have high ranking at present. When it comes to school economic department, they are offering BA, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Master of Arts in Economics. For doctoral students who choose the school, they will focus on three economic theories that include employment, price level and income. They will also be engaged with price theory and quantitative methods. A dual PhD in economics and finance is allowed in the school.
  2. Stanford University: Stanford University is a private school and according to the report of Times Higher Education’s, it ranked as 16th. In the year 2009, the school is the fifth according to US News and World Reports. Both the graduate and undergraduate economic program of the university is offered through Human and Sciences. For B.A in economics program, it requires 80 units. The PhD program can be completed in 4 years and the department of economics of the school is offering dual degree.
  3. Harvard University: The Department of Economics was established in the year 1897 under division of government, economics and history that was created in helping individuals who wants to become part of them. The university is one of the hundred universities that offering instruction when it comes to studying economics. It is one of the top graduate economics programs offering applied theory, contracts and organizations, experimental economics, development, econometrics, environmental economics, health, finance, economic history and much more.
  4. University of Maryland: Students who are planning to study economics must need to prepare themselves, and when you choose University of Maryland that is one of the top graduate schools economics  in the nation, it will help you to be focused statistic, mathematics and theory. Additionally, you can able to take whatever economic program you want to master because you are guaranteed to meet your needs. In fact, the school is one of the best-regarded programs offering economic in the world. The department of economics of the school is offering excellent approach that prepares students for the profession.
  5. University of Berkeley: The school was founded in the year 1903. The economic program of the school is well known for their excellence of advising and teaching. They have a strong reputation in producing outstanding and great graduates. They also have innovative and rigorous economic research. The school constantly ranks as one of the best schools you can apply for.

If you want to be educated in a way you want it, you should make a good decision. You need to think carefully on what you need to consider before you will apply for certain university you choose.

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