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Rheumatology is a subspecialty in pediatrics and internal medicine that is devoted to therapy and diagnosis of rheumatic disease. For clinicians that have specialty on it, they are being called as Rheumatologists. If you want to become an outstanding Rheumatologist, you need to have the best Rheumatology programs to meet your needs.

Best Rheumatology Programs to Choose From

  1. Case Western Reserve University: It is one of the schools that are offering Rheumatology fellowship programs. Fellows will be trained to become an investigative diagnostician, to become compassionate clinicians and cutting-edge researchers. Students are assured to maintain a successful career in patient care, clinical practice and research settings.
  2. Duke University: The University trains students to become a successful clinician in the field they choose. They are assured with a great experience in clinical and academic setting. They have the chance to work with renowned faculties that helps them to become a great Rheumatologist. They have a wonderful reputation in research, education and patient care.
  3. Boston University: The school has a Rheumatology fellowship-training program with members who are internationally recognized as Rheumatologists. The program is offering rigorous research and clinical training that prepares fellows for a career in academic medicine and community practice.
  4. Washington University: The University is offering a high level of expertise and experience for students. They are offering trainings infusion therapy that provides different forms of therapy for patients who are suffering from Rheumatologic disorders.  The truth is the school is one of the best medical schools in the nation that integrates all aspects of patient care, research and education.
  5. Cleveland University: It is one of the largest universities in the nation and always in the rank for top three Rheumatology programs according to US News & World Report. Students will know about research, diagnosis and treating conditions that affect joints, skin, muscles and bones.


There you go the best medical schools that take pride in training and teaching leaders in Rheumatology. Students will be engaged with collective backgrounds and training.  If you believe that Rheumatologist is the best for you and it is the program you are wanting for, start to apply to the best program.

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