Best Psychiatry Programs

Best psychiatry programs as well as best physical therapy programs or best surgical residency programs get the attention of lots of students because they believe that if a certain program is at its best, it will help them in achieving their goals in life. If you want to become psychiatrist, it is required that you know some schools offering the best program that helps you to bring out your best, reach your full potential and to succeed.

Top Psychiatry Programs

  1. UCSF: The residency psychiatry program of the school is one of the top psychiatry residency programs in the country. It is the first national peer evaluation. UCSF is one of the national leaders when it comes to medical education with sixteen specialties.

  2. Johns Hopkins University: The school is one of the top schools you can enter and according to US News and World Report; they are leading in the year 2011 for psychiatry program. If you become one of the residents of the university, you are assured to gain hands on skills a wide variety of clinical settings. Students can also pursue clinical neuropsychology, geriatric psychiatry, pharmacology and anxiety disorders and behavioral sleep studies.

  3. University of Michigan: The university belongs to one of the top public universities and offering both training and residency programs in psychiatric fields. Also, students can able to specialize in child adolescent, addiction, geriatric or forensic psychiatry and psychomatic medicine. Training programs in clinical social work, electroconvulsive therapy and abuse research are being offered. It also includes about treatment of depression, disorders and psychotherapeutic methods.

  4. University of Pennsylvania: The school is one of the best psychiatric schools in the world. If you want to study psychiatry, you can able to pursue a four-year general residency with specializations in psychotherapy, community psychology and psychiatric research.

  5. Duke University: The good thing about the school is that they are offering magnificent psychiatry residency programs as well as training. If you want to become a great physician, you need to get into the school because it will guide you to the fullest.

Before you enroll in best med schools for psychiatry, you need to know all the information about them. Make sure you do your part so that you will be contented, get a high quality of education and become successful.

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