Best Online Nursing Informatics Programs

best online nursing informatics programs

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If you are looking for the best online nursing informatics programs that you can choose from and will help you to become professionals, you need to know the list of top schools. If you only want the best schools, this page will present the top-notch universities.

Best Nursing Informatics Degree Online

  1. Kaplan University: Students can only qualify to take the program when they meet the requirements. They are offering wonderful nursing career paths for students to enhance their skills and abilities.

  2. South University: They have specialization in nursing informatics and if you want to advance your nursing practice but you can’t still make a good decision on what schools you will choose, you can choose the university.

  3. Loyola University: If you are busy and you are seeking for career advancement, Loyola University is a good choice. There are many offers that the school is offering so you should not worry.

  4. University of Phoenix: Students who become part of the school will understand how they treat the patients wonderfully. The online program will help the students to be knowledgeable on latest technology.

  5. American Sentinel University: The online school is offering nursing informatics specialization and they are preparing students in managing health information system.

  6. Capella University: The students are preparing students to play integral role in managing what they should do. In fact, the school is one of the top listed schools offering nursing informatics online. They are a good choice.

  7. Georgetown University: The school has clinical experts that implements holistic approach emphasizing both on cure and care. You are assured to learn what you need in order to become professional and have a higher career.

  8. Grand Canyon University: They are offering emerging discipline offering new frontiers that requires students with innovative leadership.

  9. Grantham University: The program was designed in building upon and expanding the skills and knowledge of students. You are guaranteed to get everything you want when you choose the school.

  10. Chatham University: The school is preparing students to become leaders and to practice well so that they can apply it when they are done.

  11. York University: it is the second largest school in Ontario and they are one of the best schools offering online nursing informatics.

  12. Oakland University: The school is offering clinical practice as well as great curriculum for students. They are assured that they will experience a high quality of education.

  13. Roberts Wesleyan College: It is one of the best-listed schools that you can choose from when it comes to nursing informatics online programs.

  14. University of North Dakota: They are helping students to meet the growing demand and to help them to be prepared on their chosen career. They help students to become independent researcher.

  15. Regis College: The school is ideal for healthcare professionals that cannot study or attend on campus classes. The school is offering online schooling that will increase and enhance the ability of professionals.

  16. Wheeling Jesuit University: You can choose the school because they offer a low tuition fee but you are guaranteed to have a high quality of education. The fact is that it is also one of the best schools to choose from. They have experienced faculty that are professional which means you are 100% guaranteed to get the best education.

  17. University of Colorado Denver: They are striving to offer the best education. The school is one of the top listed nationally ranked in offering nursing informatics. If you want the program, you can choose to study on the university.

  18. University of Missouri: They have special nursing informatics program with a good combination of curriculum. Students will be taught by professional and renowned faculty. They have a comprehensive curriculum that helps students to learn all the aspects and elements of nursing informatics.

  19. Excelsior College: They have collaboration with national leaders and they are also accredited in offering the program. It is one of the top listed schools offering nursing informatics that will help you to have a high quality of education.

  20. Tennessee Board of Regents: They offering comprehensive curriculum and they surely helps professionals who are busy to get the education they need to have a better career the time they are finished studying.

Admission Requirements Asked by Nursing Informatics Online

  • Official transcript of record
  • online nursing informatics programsonline nursing informatics programsPersonal Statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • References
  • GPA score
  • GRE score

These are only some of the general requirements that will be asked by the schools. It is better when you check out the website of the school to know more information. If you choose the school you want to enter, you can check out their website and all the information you need is provided. You need to submit all the requirements on time to become part of that school.

Career Outlook for Nursing Informatics Programs

The projected job growth for nursing informatics in the year 2012 up to 2022 is twenty-five percent. There is nursing informatics job description which can help you to choose. The expected medial salary as of 2012 is $81,190 but every year, the salary changes. According to, they conducted a report in the year 2013 that most of the nursing informatics specialists earned 48, 862 up to 87, 374 dollars annually. Like other healthcare and technology fields, there are numerous opportunities for nursing informatics. The report of ONet Online, they anticipated that the projected career growth to become over twenty percent that will become significantly faster than other careers. There are still lots of reports that nursing informatics program is one of the best programs to choose from. The healthcare professionals get a high salary annually and every year, their salary changes and rise.

Nursing informatics is a nice program to choose from because you will learn many things that will help patients and will know how you can record patient’s records. For example, you can read online journal of nursing informatics which you can use later. If you really want the program, choose above. Also, there is wonderful information that you will discover with the program and helps you to become professional. If it’s the program you want, you need to start choosing the right school for you and meet all the requirements.

Do not waste your time and start looking for the best school that is perfect for you!

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