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Online Journal of Nursing Informatics


Primary purpose of the nursing informatics online journal

The online Journal of nursing informatics is a project that was launched in 1996 and it was the first one of its kind. Although originally conceived for the purpose of providing a journal which would deal primarily with peer to peer reviews and other research related documents and reports. Another consideration was to collect data for research purposes and the original board had very large plans for the journal. This journal is still committed to increase nursing knowledge of nursing informatics and nursing informatics job description with the purpose of benefiting all nurses in all healthcare settings.

Basic history of OJNI

This publication started from very humble beginnings and was the brainchild of two individuals by the name of Dr. McGonigle and Dr. Eggers. The primary purpose for this nursing informatics journal was to assist experts in the fields of informatics and also the publishing industry. Initially it was using the peer to peer review system since they wanted to avoid the journal from been seen as simply one person’s opinion and therefore it gives a lot more respectability to the articles which are written since every submission was subject to an extensive peer to peer review were many other medical professionals were able to respond to the specific article which has been published and give their professional opinion regarding those matters.

Several experts were taken on board

In order to maintain credibility and to provide a highly respected journal which would be widely used by professionals all over the planet and that is why several medical professionals were included in the original board of directors in order to ensure that the journal would be respected and authoritative. Many other highly respected professionals became consultants for this journal of nursing informatics and they had a very important part in the original establishment of this journal. Dr. McGonigle and Dr. Eggers were instrumental in the creation of the very first online website which was an award-winning endeavor.

The very first issue of the journal

And extensive letter of welcome was included in the first journal in order to welcome first-time readers to the juournal and it also explained in great lengths the exact purpose and the objectives for this online journal. A very large amount of hours has been spent in the preparation and organization or nursing informatics association of this first journal and all of the original board members have worked tirelessly in order to see this journal succeed in the way that it has. The original participators was professionals from every sector of the medical world and their expensive education, experience and research provided this journal with a very large amount of credibility which helped to establish this journal as an reputable publication.

The journal covers a broad span of important fields

Various disciplines were considered in this very important publication which included the entire healthcare system as well as the health informatics sector as well as academic institutions, research, important administration developments, management care and clinical practice. All of these subjects have been extensively covered by the original contributors of the journal and those contributors share vast amounts of that personal knowledge and experience which significantly contributed to a journal which was widely respected and endorsed by all medical professionals. Although there were originally many unknown and unpredictable obstacles, the journal has survived and has become a respected and a well-established online journal of nursing informatics that benefits the whole industry.

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