Best Nurse Residency Programs 2014

Best Nurse Residency Programs 2014

Best Nurse Residency Programs 2014If you want to apply for nurse residency programs and you still don’t have any list, then this page will be your help. If you are seeking for nurse residency programs 2014, you are on the right spot. Read this!

Nursing Residency Programs 2014 Best List

  1. University Medical Center: The nursing programs they have are made to develop professional nurse. The program is focused on professional nursing development, end of life issues, evidence based practice and much more. Student will be prepared to become compassionate and professional caregiver.
  2. Methodist Healthcare residency program: The program is offering 8 to 22 weeks intensive orientation to clinical specialty. They are offering medical and surgical nursing, critical and monitored care nursing, newborn intensive care nursing and many more. They have an intensive orientation program to prepare nurses in all challenges they need to face.
  3. Poudre Valley Hospital nurse residency program: The program provides quality and a caring framework in ensuring best practices for excellent care and patient safety. You are guaranteed to experience career development in their extensive and active education.
  4. Duke Medicine’s nurse residency program: This nurse residency program was made to help the needs of future nurses to become a professional practitioner. They support nurses to gain confidence, skills and continue their transition to professional nursing.
  5. University of Mississippi: A one-year structured program helps nurse to become a professional nurse through emphasizing patient outcomes, professionalism and leadership. Their goal is to support the development of their nurses.

Here is the list of nurse residency programs you can find online. There are still other programs and it depends on you on what you will choose; however, the one you need to remember is to stand out and do your best to get into the program. Becoming part of top nursing programs is not easy because you need to put effort.

Overall, seeking for the best residency program is somewhat a time consuming task because you need to research but with the list above, you no longer need to spend time searching because you can choose from it. Just check it out and see what program catches your attention then ready to apply.

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