Best Medical Schools 2014

Best Medical Schools 2014When looking for the best medical schools 2014, it helps to divide institutions by the type of educational opportunities that they provide. Some schools offer pre-med programs while others offer doctoral degrees in the healthcare fields. Other schools are primarily geared towards certain specialties, and attract those who want to do something besides become an MD or go into nursing in the end.

Albany Medical College

While it’s certainly a smaller skill, this upstate New York institution is one of the best medical schools 2014. Schools don’t have to necessarily be large or prominent in order to offer a great program to prospective students. They can end up offering one even if they have a relatively basic program. Those who attend here might also end up getting closer attention in the end.

Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor certainly has a lot of recognition, so it’s sort of the complete opposite of the previous entry. Still, it’s considered to be one of the best medical schools 2014. It’s the kind of institution that’s located in a convenient metropolitan area, and as a result has a large following simply because of its basic location. That’s not a bad thing nevertheless.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Kirksville Campus

This was recently noted as one of the top institutions by, and the school has received accolades from several different bodies. That means that those who want to pursue a new career in the healthcare industry should certainly check it out.

Columbia University

While this school is certainly one of the best medical schools 2014, it can be confusing when applying. The word Columbia is used to describe more than one of the best medical schools 2014, but in this case it applies to the program offered by the school in New York. Pay close attention when reading charts involving the best medical schools 2014.

Creighton University

This university was rated one of the top medical schools 2014 because of it’s great graduate program. While most med schools focus only on undergraduate medical work, Creighton has decided to work its way onto the top medical schools 2014 list in both senses.

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