Best Graduate Schools for Economics

The good news is that there are the best schools for economics available for students. Since not all schools are good choice or able to meet your needs, what you need to do is to make a good choice and make a research but when you don’t have much time you are lucky because this page will present the best list of economics schools you can choose from.

Top Graduate Schools in Economics

  1. Stanford University: The main objective of the school is to offer a graduate program in educating students to become great research economists. With them, students will acquire background as well as skills that are necessary for their careers because university professors and practitioners will help them. When it comes to their curriculum, it included a comprehensive treatment of empirical techniques and modern theory. Students will be exposed to a broad range of applied fields in order for them to be educated. Students need to spend full 2 years in completing the coursework that is required.
  2. Cornell University: The school is offering a tremendous education for students. The Department of Economics of the school consists of over 50 faculty members. The good thing with the school is that they are improving their curriculum for students to have the best experience. The PhD program faculty of the school is made of 91 economists. For opportunities, the school is offering numerous on it and students will be focusing on their doctoral research in a wide range of economics related topics. Cornell University is one of the outstanding graduate schools economics allowing students to take courses in areas that they want and able to participate with interdisciplinary work.
  3. Northwestern University: Northwestern University economics program has a high great international reputation. They consist of outstanding faculty, extensive faculty interaction and well organized program of study. They also have an excellent record of training, placing and recruiting talented graduate students.
  4. Yale University: The Yale University is offering a rigorous and challenging academic program. The good thing is that they have a distinguished and very accessible faculty. They also have a supportive and friendly environment for study. The ranking of the school is high that is why students do not need to worry about what they should learn about the university.
  5. University of Wisconsin: The Department of Economics is top teaching departments that comprises of dedicated faculty, students and staff that leads in field in current economic issues. One of the missions of the program is to understand the decisions of consumers and businesses.  They are able to develop a thorough and systematic understanding on how economic systems will operate.

Whenever you need to study economic or have the passion to become economists, what you need to do is to enroll at the best school. If you are looking for universities that will guide and help you all throughout your studies, you need to make a good research. Lastly, knowing the top graduate schools that offer economic program is essential so that you will benefit from what they are offering.

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