Best Graduate Schools For Criminal Justice

There are numerous graduate schools for criminal justice offering doctoral and master’s degrees in criminal justice. If you have a plan to study criminal justice at one of best graduate schools but you don’t have idea on what school you will choose, check this out!

Top Graduate Schools For Criminology

  • University of Maryland: The truth is that the criminal justice graduate program of the school is the top in the year 2007. The program is offering offense and dereliction, law enforcement, courts and justice for juveniles and criminology. They are offering a Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Students can earn a certain degree at the institution for four years.
  • State University: Aside from being one of the best criminal justice graduate schools in the nation, the school is offering PhD and MA in Criminal Justice. The program was designed for students who have an interest in policy and research. For MA degree, it requires thirty credits and for PhD degree, it requires sixty credits.
  • University of Cincinnati: In 1819, the institution was founded and they have the pride as one of the leaders in higher education that provides criminal justice program. All students of the program are required to take 11 courses: six electives and five core courses. The criminal justice can be completed in 33 semester hours or 1-year full time study.
  • Florida State University: The institution is one of the oldest schools in Florida. The criminal justice program of the school is internationally known because of its innovative research, vibrant intellectual community and rigorous coursework.
  • Michigan State University: It was established in the year 1855 and the school of criminal justice of the school is one of the most distinguished and oldest research programs in the country that offers masters, doctoral and bachelor’s degrees. Students must need to complete thirty credits in order to obtain a Master degree in Criminal Justice.

If you want to take up criminal justice and get a higher education that is beneficial to your career, start to enroll at the best university today. There are many schools you can choose from but it is better when you rely with the best and internationally recognized criminal justice program.

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