Best Graduate Nursing Programs

Best Graduate Nursing Programs

Best Graduate Nursing ProgramsFor nurses who have plans in furthering their education, knowing the best new graduate nurse residency programs in the world is important. You need to make a research in order to know the programs because there are several of nursing programs around the world, for instance nurse practitioner residency programs and accelerated nursing programs.

Best List for Nursing Graduate Programs

  1. University of Windsor:  The school is offering two graduate nurse programs, the master of nursing degree and Master of Science degree. The MN program is made up of six courses and four electives while MSc requires students to complete six courses and thesis.
  2. University of British Columbia: The graduate nurse program of the institution is a 2-year program with the combination of clinical practice and theory courses. They have the aim of giving residents the eligibility they need.
  3. Dalhousie University: They are offering a 2 phase master graduate nurse residency programs. The 1st phase is about practice based that requires electives and courses with specialization in community health, adult health, maternal child health and mental health. The 2nd phase allows students to choose from three program options, the nurse practitioner, health policy practicum or thesis.
  4. University of Toronto: They are offering a three nursing programs; the combined master of nursing and master of health science degree, master of nursing degree and doctor philosophy degree. The program they offer allow students to become an expert in their chosen field and learn lots of things about chronic illness, nursing science of healthy individuals, nursing science of families and more.
  5. University of New Brunswick: The master of nursing program of the university has three separate research areas: the nurse practitioner, nurse educator or thesis/report. These areas have the aim in preparing nurses to be advanced practitioners in clinical practice, leadership and research.

If you only want the best graduate nursing program, the listed universities above are the top notch in nursing programs. They are a good choice for you and they help students to become a healthcare professional. When selecting the best nursing residency program, choose based from your budget, goals and location, among other factors. Finally, comply with all the requirements on or before the deadline.

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