Best Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

Best Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

Best Family Nurse Practitioner ProgramsFamily nurse practitioner programs offer excellent quality of nursing education. There are nursing programs out there are offering high quality of curriculum, learning tools, instructors and provide the best education you need to receive.

Best List for Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

  1. University of Washington: University of Washington is the number one nurse practitioner program in the nation. According to US News & World Report, the university is one of the best family nurse practitioner programs online. They give a chance to students to work with professionals and when it comes to coursework, it includes health promotion, illness management, health assessment for all ages and multiple problem management.
  2. University of Carolina, San Francisco: According to US News & World Report, the nursing program is ranked as the second. The program gives you the chance to choose concentrations in other areas that include HIV care, health policy or teaching. Some of the topics you can study include health care concepts, family nursing theory, chronic illness management and acute. There are also specific classes in the program such as nutrition, health, clinical pharmacology, pediatric pathophysiology and symptom management.
  3. University of Pennsylvania: The nursing program of the school is in third rank according to US News & World Report. It is one of the oldest family nurse practitioner online programs in the US. Students who provide their family medicine personal statements will receive hands-on training and get a chance to work with doctors and nurse practitioners. A few of the classes include nursing practice, primary care of middle aged, clinical decision, nursing of children and applied pharmacology.
  4. Maryvilled University: They are offering fast growing and rewarding nursing career. They are providing many benefits for students and they will be taught on how to become a great practitioner.
  5. University of Minnesota: The nursing program prepares students to clinical management and useful tools that help them to be knowledgeable in risk reduction, health promotion, primary health care and disease prevention.

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