Arizona Health Sciences Center Fellowship Programs

The school believes that you deserve to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of adolescents and children to give them compassionate and ethical psychiatric treatment whenever they need it. How do they do it? Look at the following.

  • Their programs start with a thorough foundation in the biological and neurodevelopmental principles of child development.
  • It is then followed by an in-depth understanding and study of the cultural, environmental and psychological circumstances in which the individual lives.
  • They aim to provide an informed and evidence-based care program that each individual deserves to have.

The school and their fellows involved provide a kind of service through certain locations in order for them to allow a broad and wide base of experience for them to work with adolescents and children. Their first year fellows undergo various settings that include pediatric consultation contact. This includes a 24-hour triage as well as observation unit that provides crisis-stabilizing strategies with psychiatric emergencies. In addition, you may find more information about Eastern Virginia Medical School by visiting our site.

What’s also good about their program is that they have a residential treatment facility for multiple diagnoses. The second year fellows are entitled for expansion of their experiences in forensic psychiatry, school consultation, community mental well-being and neurology rotations within the Pima County as well as on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. In addition, second year fellows receive a structured outpatient experience.

With all the things that the school offers to their students, no wonder why many students are looking to get involved into their program. The school definitely one of the best fellowship programs in the country today. Now, why don’t you get going and be involved with their program? Besides, if you’re wondering what makes Vanderbilt University School of Medicine stand out, visit our site.

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