Anti-Convulsant Used as Medication for Alcohol Addiction

Binge drinking as known to be fairly common in the UK. This culture has been the subject of several television features and documentaries. While it is part of the normal practices in the United Kingdom, this does not exempt the persons having drinking sprees from liver damage and other associated conditions.

A recent biomedical science research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry addressed this situation. Topiramate, a drug used as an anti-convulsant has been found to have positive effects in the reduction of drinking binges in subjects who have received the drug compared to placebo.

Topiramate has been previously proven to have favorable effects on patients who have committed to abstinence from alcoholic drinking. Currently, it has been suggested that it can also be beneficial to patients who are diagnosed with alcohol addiction.

A total of 138 subjects who are heavy drinkers were included in the study. The research involved administering 200mg/day of Topiramate to half of the subjects in a span of 12 weeks, while the other half was given placebo. The patients also underwent psychiatric counseling for them to be able to reduce their alcoholic beverage consumption and to have more and more abstinence days.

The biomedical science research team concluded that those who have received placebo were five times more likely to engage in a heavy drinking episode compared to those who have received the anti-convulsant drug Topiramate. The latter group was also reported to have more abstinent days.

Lead author of this biomedical science innovation Henry R. Kranzler stated that the research team has high hopes that these findings which adds to current biomedical science innovations will inspire further studies to be conducted as to how patients who have alcoholic addiction can be helped, especially those who are unable or unwilling to totally withdraw from the addiction.

Furthermore, Kranzler states that the findings of this study would help them determine which patients would benefit from Topiramate treatment allowing the unnecessary administration of the medication to be avoided.

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