An Overview of Residency Program Rankings

residency program rankings


Your residency programs list may seem overwhelming today, but there are tips to narrowing it down. The following is a guide you should consider to customize your list to suit your needs and goals.

First, consider where you really want to go and who might take you.

As you well know, it’s not just up to you to decide on a residency—you have to be accepted. In other words, residency programs are ranking you just as you are ranking them. So choose the most realistic options from your list of residency programs and focus on them.

Second, decide which program will offer you the most.

Before residency program rankings list, evaluate what each program has to offer you. The program will only be as good as what you can get out of it. Narrow your list to those with an emphasis not only in your specialty or field, but by whether it is research-based, academic, or community-service oriented.

Third, ask around.

It’s difficult to find any published official ranking system because the rankings change constantly. In addition, rankings are based on needs, and these are going to be unique for every prospective resident. The best residency program rankings are going to come from residents with similar goals and interests who are in or have been through the program.

Fourth, look at the details.

Think about your needs outside education and experience. How does your list or residency programs compare in politics or social climate? How much flexibility is there within the program? How hard will you be pushed, and how many opportunities will you be given? Where is the program? Is it in a rural or urban area? What is the income level in the area? Is this an area you could see yourself “opening up shop” later on?

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The importance of an overview of residency program rankings

Ranking a residency program list is understandably difficult and time-consuming, but your research now will pay off by allowing you to organize the vast array of program possibilities to accept only the most relevant and realistic interviews. By creating your own well-organized overview of residency program rankings, you’ll have a useful guide when it comes to choosing which way to go.

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