AMCAS Medical School Application

If you like to apply to a medical school, you need to submit single application in the AMCAS. It is important that you know about AMCAS medical school application and residency requirements so that you will be accepted.

AMCAS Application Guide

Most medical schools are using centralized online application services that known as AMCAS. It gives medical schools enough details to make initial screening of the applicants.

The completed AMCAS file must include:

amcas medical school applicationUndergraduate transcript

amcas medical school applicationInformation about extracurricular activities

amcas medical school applicationMCAT Scores

amcas medical school applicationShort personal statement

amcas medical school applicationLetters of recommendation as part of secondary application

Applicants can submit their information to AMCAS starting June every year. Each medical school will set their own deadline in submitting the needed information. Regardless of the deadlines, the admission officers recommend applicants to submit their application as soon as possible.

AMCAS charge students a fee of $160 for first school they have applied for and $37 for every additional school. Take note that aid is available for students who need it.

Note: AMCAS is very serious about the deadlines, which means if the application is late, you will get it back, but there is no refund.

The AMCAS is available to 1st year entering classes at participating United States medical schools. Transfer and advanced standing applicants need to contact the medical school to get assistance. Applicants must need to remember that AMCAS do not render admission decision and they do not give advice to students on where they should apply.

Note: If you have AAMC account and you cannot sign in to AMCAS application, be sure that your password contains numbers and letters online. In changing your password to numbers and letters online, sign in to your AAMC account to change your password.

Secondary Applications

amcas primary applicationAfter reviewing applicants AMCAS file, the committee at their medical schools will either send a secondary application or reject applicants. There are schools that request for secondary applications and others go through initial cut that is based on MCAT or GPA scores.

amcas primary applicationUnless you have decided not to apply to the medical school, you need to complete and to return every secondary application. There are schools that reject application that arrives after deadline.

amcas primary applicationSecondaries include essays. Applicants are asked to discuss their favorite novel, detail their greatest academic achievement or discuss their leadership role they have taken. Applicants are also asked to submit residency letter of recommendation.

The time that the committee review students secondary medical school application, they will reject, invite student or hold their application until first round of interviews. The final decision will be made after interview.

Additional Services

amcas application guideAMCAS letter service: Many medical schools are participating in AMCAS letters. You have one set of letters sent to AMCAS and will be distributed to schools that you choose in your application.AAMC facilitated criminal background check service: Some of the med schools are participating in criminal background check service wherein background check report will be available to accept applicant for 10 calendar days before it will be released to the med school.

Before applying:

amcas application guideRequired reading: Applicants must need to read AMCAS instruction manual because it will give you guidelines in completing your application. You also need to certify that you read AMCAS instruction manual the time you submit your application.

amcas application guidePayment: Applicants need to pay the processing fee. The AAMS fee assistance program will assists AMCAS applicants and MCAT examinees. For more information about it, you need to check out the eligibility and benefits in the site of the program.

It is important to know about AMCAS primary application and secondary application to have successful application. If you are having a hard time to know what you should do, read the instruction manual of AMCAS or about ERAS fellowship application.

Complete your AMCAS medical school application today!

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