Accelerated Medical Programs List

Knowing the best list of accelerated medical programs helps you in deciding what to choose and it is best if you know the schools that offer it. With that in mind, this page will help you in deciding what university is the best for you so that you will not struggle in choosing.

Accelerated Medical Programs

Great Accelerated Medical School Programs

1. Penn State Jefferson Premedical Program: This is one of the best accelerated medical programs you can choose from. It started in the year 1963 and offering a 5 year program and it became six years in the year 1960 wherein students need to spend two years which include 2 summers. Students must need to complete the program for them to graduate and to further get more experience in their practice.

2. New York School of Medicine: The school is offering a new accelerated 2-year medical degree that is approved by New York State Education Department. The fact is that it is the first nationally ranked medical center in the US that is offering a program allowing students to pursue their education in any medical specialty that they want. The good news is that reduce the length for traditional degree that allows students to start their career earlier in a wide variety of fields.

3. Boston University: It is one of the schools with accelerated medical programs, where students need to complete the curriculum provided to them. There are lots of programs to choose from if you become part of the university that gives you the chance to fulfill your dreams and become successful the time you graduate. There are many offers that you can get from the school that is why you should not miss the opportunity to become part of them.

4. Drexel University: The University is offering a degree program that enables students to earn their bachelors or doctor’s medical degree. The programs are open to major such as biological sciences, psychology or chemistry. On the other hand, students who apply for the accelerated medical program can’t apply to Pathway Health Profession major or nursing program.

5. Mercer University: The school was established in the year 1982 in Macon. It was developed in educating health professionals and physicians in meeting the healthcare needs of underserved and rural areas of Georgia. As of now, there are 3 campuses that are affiliated with them, which include Memorial University Medical Center, St. Francis Hospital and Columbus Regional. The medical program is an integrated, competency and clinically relevant-based curriculum including clinical skills as well as community medicine experience. Students have the chance to explore clinical clerkships in pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine and family medicine.

Whenever you are planning to study medical degree, you should know what school is the best for you. It is somewhat a tiring task to search on the internet but with the schools presented above, you can able to get a high quality of education as well as to be trained because the universities are tested to provide and satisfy their students in all learning they need. Choose the school you want and enroll now!

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