About Popular IMG Programs

About Popular IMG ProgramsIf the field of medicine is your passion and you love to travel around the world at the same, then being an International Medical Graduate (IMG) is the career you should pursue. An IMG is a physician who practices his/her profession in a country other than where he has earned his degree in Medicine. Here are some tips you might need on your way to become a successful IMG in the country of your choice.

Choose the Medical School That Offers One of the Best IMG Programs

Each medical school has its own education standards as well as evaluation methods and curricula. That’s why you have to take time knowing more about each school within or near your location. As much as possible, consider only those that are popular for having among the best IMG programs in the entire globe or those that offer IMG friendly programs. It is also very important to manage to achieve excellent remarks until you complete your medical degree. That way, you could be easily recommended by people in your school who are associated with the medical professionals in the country you intend to work in.

Comply with the Requirements of IMG Friendly Programs

In most cases, IMG programs are followed by a licensure exam wherein the rules and standards vary from country to country. In Australia, graduates of medicine should pass a series of exams that include the AMC Clinical exam and AMC MCQ Exam before they could finally get their Australian Medical Council (AMC) certification. The same goes in Canada where medical graduates need to pass a series of exams prior to the LMCC Evaluating Examination.

Complete One of the IMG Friendly Residency Programs

After completing one of the IMG friendly programs, IMGs who wish to work in the US need to tale a US residency program. However, it is considerably a fact that US medical graduates are more privileged with great opportunities compared to IMGs. This makes choosing only among the IMG friendly residency programs in the US a must. As soon as you complete any of the most popular IMG friendly residency programs, you are already on your way towards the medical institution that would serve as your employer.

Overall, it always pays to take a few moments to plan ahead of time and research for things you need to know. If you really want to become a successful IMG, you need to invest with a lot of perseverance and self-discipline, other than your intellectual skills and finances.

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