About International Medical Graduate Program

About International Medical Graduate ProgramIf you are planning to be part of international medical graduate program, then you need to know what the important requirements are. It is essential to know so that you can be able to become part of the graduate program you want.

International Medical Graduate Requirements

  • Current evaluation status letter from medical board of California (within one year)
  • Current ECFMG certificate
  • Foreign nationals- graduates of foreign medical school (must not permanent residents or US citizens)
  • Visa under ECFMG sponsorship
  • Current US medical licensing exam.

Note: Your application will not be process when the required documents have not been received by the network office.

International Medical Graduates Residency

There are available residency programs that you can have for yourself. There are international medical graduates residency that provides medical schools outside the US and Canada. Some of them work with medical schools and medical education community but there are requirements and exams that needed t take to be considered.

To Obtain ECFMG Certificate: Must Need To Meet Education Credential Requirements

  • Submit 1 written exams
  • Pass the step 1 and step 2. In step 2, there are 2 separate administered components which is clinical skills and clinical knowledge component
  • Pass English exam
  • Meet educational requirements by ECFMG.

Moreover, you need to know that ECFMG doesn’t accept federal licensing examination for exam requirements when it comes to visa ECFMG sponsorship. If you are lucky and you pass the residency or fellowship training, you will return to your home country for 2 years before you can be able to apply for permanent residency.

International medical graduate program have different requirements or standards so be sure you will be updated. You need to check regularly all the information in order to know the latest requirements, details or things to submit.

This is important to do so that you will not miss any details about the residency program you are applying for. The important thing to do is to check the requirements and criteria. Check the medical graduate program and do not miss the opportunity. Go on and complete your documents to qualify for a medical graduate program today!

Image credit: internationalmedicalcorps.org

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