AAMC Residency Programs

Best Residency Programs: AAMC

The AAMC or the Association of American Medical Colleges is a nonprofit organization that is located in Washington DC. It has been established in 1876. The organization is providing quality services by administering the Medical College Admission Test. The medical students can apply to AAMC together with the Electronic Residency Application Service that can help students in applying for any residency program and medical school. It has been the leading medicine community company that aims to help people improve their health.

Why Apply to AAMC?

For the top residency programs, you can depend on the AAMC. It is representing about 141 US and 17 Canadian medical schools. It also accredits about 400 medical institutions in the world along with 90 scientific and academic societies. Because of the partnership with major organization and institutions in the medical field, there are about 128,000 faculty members, 110,000 resident physicians, and 75,000 medical students that are affiliated with the association.

If you’re looking for a great source of information for residency programs, you can check out AAMC. It has many services and programs that aim to help and to strengthen medical care. It helps support overall research, education, and patient care services and activities which are done by their member institution.

So, come on! Apply through AAMC and get a certified medical professional to pursue your goals in the medicine field. Apply for the best residency programs.

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