A Guide For Potential Grad School Students

What type of program is the best grad school option for you?

When applying to graduate schools, there is a factor that some applicants fail to consider. That is what type of program is the best grad school option for you? Graduate school programs are usually one of four possible types:

  1. Graduate programs consisting mostly of course work. This type of program is aimed at students concerned with completing the program and entering the workforce in a timely fashion.
  2. Coursework and a special full term project. Similar purpose as option 1 but will less course work due to the project requirements
  3. Coursework and the writing and presentation of a thesis. These are programs aimed somewhat at those intending to teach or research. Successful completion depends in large part on your thesis. Thesis presentations often have to be redone and can extend a programs length if you don’t manage your time well.
  4. Internet graduate programs. The program should be accredited. Internet programs are increasing in popularity as they are less intrusive in other aspects of your life. This option is well suited for those who must work.

After selecting a graduate school with the type of program that best suits you, the next step for many is to figure out how they will pay for their school.

Financial aid options for graduate school applicants

Completing graduate school can be an expensive prospect. Applicants should examine what financial aid options are available to them. Financial aid includes:

  • Scholarships and grants – Funds provided by both government and the private sector for any number of reasons including academic achievement and for war veterans. They don’t require repayment, but may require a certain level of performance
  • Employer education programs – Financial assistance for school that some companies offer to employees.
  • Student loans for grad school applicants – Low interest loans often backed by the government. Repayment is expected after graduating.

Our graduate school selection and application service can help identify financial aid options available to you.

Our graduate school selection and admission services

We offer graduate school services that begin with help on how to choose grad school, and continue through the admissions process with editing, rewriting and writing services. Services available to those considering graduate school include:

  • Graduate school and program selection – Our knowledge and experience of many different graduate schools is applied towards selecting the best grad school to suit your particular needs.
  • Admissions help – Advice provided to help you meet admission requirements. Includes suggestions for rewriting personal statements or paraphrasing responses to admissions questions to make the best impression.
  • Financial aid guidance – We provide guidance for locating different financial aid programs that you may qualify for.

If you are considering graduate school, contact us to ensure admission to the best graduate school to meet your needs.

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