A Checklist for Your Biomedical Personal Statement

Are you making a biomedical personal statement? You have to understand that the biomedical profession is actually a lot harder than most people may think and may require more talent and resources than most people tend to think. But if you’re ready to take on the challenge of making a biomedical personal statement, maybe you should first check a checklist for your biomedical personal statement, just like the one we have here so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you take on the many challenges and trials of the biomedical sciences.

The Fields of Biomedical Science

Before we present a checklist for your biomedical personal statement, we would first like to give you an idea of what the biomedical sciences entail. After all, we wouldn’t want you to get into something you don’t really understand after all. So here are just some fields that can be found in the biomedical sciences:

  • Biology: Of course, being a “medical” science, biomedical sciences will of course involve biology and everything it entails. The biological sciences often concerns itself with the various workings of life such as what makes up various cells and their inner workings.
  • Chemistry: On the whole, there are those who say that life itself is really just a complex iteration of chemistry. So it really comes as no surprise that chemistry is one of the most important fields in the biomedical sciences. This allows scientists to get a better look at various substances taken from the body and examine their contents to get an idea of the body’s current condition.
  • Bioengineering: The body is also often considered a complex machine and the biomedical sciences cover this aspect as well. After all, the movement of joints and what not can sometimes be compared to the way certain machines and their mechanical parts actually move.

Making Your Personal Statement

Now let’s get started on just how you can finally make your SOP for biomedical engineering. Here are just a few steps on how to make your biomedical scientist personal statement:

  • Know what you’re going to talk about. Consider brushing up on the above mentioned topics such as the basic biochemistry of the human body and how we actually manage to move our limbs.
  • Being a medical science, you’ll want to include any information that you know about healthcare or any experiences related to it. If you’ve ever assisted in a hospital or clinic, including these experiences would certainly be a great idea.
  • The biomedical sciences often require you to be quite resilient as you will often find yourself handling rather unpleasant or repulsive substances like blood, urine etc.

Getting Started on Your Personal Statement

Now there you have it. You can get started on putting together a personal statement for biomedical sciences using some of the advice you’ve just read here. Remember, biomedical science may be a good profession but to excel in it may require some determination and dogged tenacity on your part to reap its rewards.

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