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9 Most Famous Examples of Organic Food!

Famous and Cheap Organic Food

Organic FoodOrganic food has had the reputation of being expensive as they are made without the use of cheaper synthetic pesticides and are grown without various genetic modifications. Now, there are cheap organic food alternatives as more farmers and growers are choosing to go organic to avoid the risks of heavy chemicals and post-processing used on these food products. More organic products are thus reaching the markets, giving people more access and more choices for healthier food alternatives. Brain exercises will also help you to stay healthy. Here are some of the famous examples of organic food which you can now find in most supermarkets and groceries.

1. Eggs

Most chickens undergo various genetic modifications and have specialized diets as well, especially those who are especially reared to lay eggs. As this is the case, the eggs can have chemicals and are more prone to new strains of bacteria, which can be harmful to people. As this is the case, eggs are best bought organic.

2. Whole grain cereals

Whole grains are excellent sources of fiber and other vitamins and minerals. These products are as well usually exposed to various pesticides. Choosing to buy organic cereals helps lessen the risk of exposure to various chemicals and genetic modifications, which can affect body functions.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes can greatly absorb chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Thus choosing organic potatoes can be advantageous as the risk for poisoning from heavy metals and artificial chemicals is greatly reduced.

4. Milk

Cows are supposed to be fed with grass. However, in order for higher production of milk, cows are fed with artificial feeds, which are partially indigestible, leading to the growth of new strains of bacteria, which can be transferred to milk. Choosing organic milk can ensure less risk to exposure to such chemicals and bacteria.

5. Coffee

One of the best organic foods is coffee. Most coffee plants are sprayed with artificial fertilizers, which can affect growth. Choosing direct trade coffee can reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

6. Strawberries

Majority (~90%) of the strawberries in the market today have been sampled with artificial pesticides that can cause damage to the body.

7. Bread

Like cereals, bread is made from whole grain, which might have been exposed to chemicals or have been genetically modified. Choosing natural bread can ensure the reduction of the risk to exposure to such dangers.

8. Beef

Similar to milk, cows which have been bred to produce beef eat synthetic feeds which are not fully digested. To avoid exposure to chemicals and mutated bacteria, it would be best to choose organic beef as an alternative.

9. Apples

The last in our list of best organic products are apples. While the most nutritious part of the apple is the peel, this is the part where harmful pesticides and synthetic products tend to accumulate. As this is the case, going organic would be the best choice.

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