8 Daily Brain Exercises to Make You Think Faster!

Brain Exercise Games for Everyday

Brain Exercise GamesFitness exercise is important in order to have a healthy lifestyle. However, in addition to this physical fitness, brain exercise games must as well be done in order to optimize brain function. Having a healthy brain is equally as important to having a healthy body. As this is the case, here are the most helpful brain exercises that can be done in order to help maintain and improve brain functioning to make yourself think faster and more effectively.

1. Reading regularly

Read every day in order to help your brain function. Reading on a regular basis helps increase comprehension and is also an excellent brain exercise. Read everything from newspapers to books. Being able to read more complicated text is good for brain function as more nerve and brain cells are worked out, helping improve brain function.

2. Writing

Writing is a great brain exercise as you are required to think immensely about the entire writing process. Write about what you have read and that’s a great exercise as it entails both comprehension and creative thinking processes.

3. Solve brain puzzles

Some of the best brain exercises games are those that entail heavy thinking and puzzle-solving skills. Try solving Sudoku puzzles or crossword puzzles to exercise both number and vocabulary proficiency. Being able to successfully solve other puzzles can similarly exercise other brain functions. Solving a Rubik’s cube is a great exercise for spatial capacity.

4. Using your skills more frequently

We are indeed terribly dependent on the technology that we have access to. Because of this, our thinking process has severely degraded. Use skills acquired from school more frequently. In solving simple arithmetic problems such as computing for a shopping list, solve using a pen and a paper (and your brain, of course) instead of using a calculator.

5. Play sports

While sports are usually related to physical exercise, sports can as well help in improving hand-eye coordination and other brain functions. Joining sports can also help in improving the strategizing function of a person, especially for those joining competitive sports such as tennis or football.

6. Modify your routine

Being stuck in a routine can deteriorate brain function. Modify your routine gradually in order to charge up your system. When commuting to work or to school, you can choose to pursue other routes, or simply having your breakfast differently every so often can help in charging your system.

7. Pick up a hobby

Having a new hobby entails being able to have other parts of your brain utilized; ones that you don’t use all that often. Also, having a new hobby entails more fun, which is good for both your body and your brain.

8. Sleep

This is perhaps unconventional but this is one of the best brain exercises. Through sleep, your system gets a reboot and your brain is kept healthy. Although you are asleep, your brain is still functioning  and works subconsciously, giving you both exercise and relaxation at the same time.

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