12 Easy To Follow Tips For ERAS Application 2016

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) is a convenient way to submit medical residency applications today. However, there are ERAS application 2016 guidelines you have to follow to stay on the right track. Check out the following tips. For more information, look through residency programs services.

12 Steps to ERAS Application 2016

  1. Visit the official site of ERAS for the schedule of events or activities you should follow. There, you will also find the FAQs that will help you in the questions you have about the service. You can also check the list of those joining the application service. This includes programs and specialties.
  2. Get an ERAS Token by visiting DDO or Designated Dean’s Office in the medical school.
  3. Go online and sign up for your AAMC Account, only if you still don’t have it.
  4. When done, sign in and then enter your token for ERAS.
  5. Complete your application in your MyERAS account.
  6. And then, complete confirming your LoR (you can find letters of recommendation sample online) writers or authors. Give each of your authors a letter of request for every LoR that you want them to create for you. When each of the LoR author entry is confirmed, there will be a unique letter request form that will be generated in your account.
  7. This is one of your most important steps in applying for ERAS and one of the ERA application tips: Entering your personal statements! This is the reason you should write an impressive personal statement for every residency you are applying to.
  8. Coordinate with your medical school’s DDO so that they can help in uploading your supporting documents.
  9. Upload a professional photo and authorize the release of both your COMLEX and/or USMLE transcript.
  10. Apply to programs by searching for those that are interesting for you and then assign the needed documents to your chosen program/s. Take note that a LoR cannot be assigned or provided to a program unless the authors have uploaded the letter of recommendation to the portal of LoR.
  11. Check before certifying and submitting your application. Take note: No changes can be further made when done but ensure to keeping your personal details updated.
  12. Confirm requirements and deadlines, apply to your chosen programs and monitor the applications made. Then, you have to confirm that documents and LoRs have been uploaded.
eras application 2016

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That’s it! Now what you need is to check your account for messages from the programs. Also if you want to be happy with your choice in programs, you can check information about radiology residency programs.

Finally, remember that registering at ERAS does not apply you to match services.

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