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10 Best Organic Food Brands!

The Best Organic Food Brands Today

Organic Food BrandsThe organic food market is continually increasing and it is seen to continue to grow up to the end of the decade. Studies show that the expected growth for the organic food market from 2013 to 2018 would reach up to 14%. In 2012, the organic food business has reached revenues of $81.2 billion. As this is the case, more businesses are delving into the organic food market. However, the best organic food brands remain as they have provided quality products and have kept their reputation intact even before the boom of the organic food business. Here are some of the best organic brands in the market today.

1. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market was the first certified organic grocer in the United States, gaining such certification is 2003. Whole Foods has been an excellent source of organic products since 1978, being one of the pioneers of the organic food market.

2. Organic Valley

Organic Valley and Organic Prairie are the best sources of organic versions of milks, eggs and other animal products. The company also sells organic meats such as beef, chicken, pork and other meats.

3. Frontier Natural Products

Frontier Natural Products is an excellent source of beans, grains and bulk organic foods. It gives premium to its practices of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

4. Simply Organic

Simply Organic is one of the frontrunners in providing organic food especially to those who need or consume gluten free diets. All the food products sold in the company are certified organic and 1% of their sales go to education of organic agricultural causes.

5. Amy’s Kitchen

Having started in 1987, this family owned organic food distributors business maintains strong relationships with farmers. The company is committed to providing homegrown food items which are fully organic.

6. Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best is a pioneer in organic baby food, ensuring that their products are fully organic and free of preservatives, ensuring that babies have healthy, natural and delicious food in their diets.

7. Nature’s Path

Nature’s path has been branded as the most ethical and healthful organic food suppliers company. Specializing in cereal products, this company is committed to the use of all-organic products.

8. Late July

One of the newer and less mainstream products, this company is committed to the banning of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in all their chips and organic products.

9. Earthbound Farm

Earthbound Farm started as a raspberry farm but has then moved on to becoming one of the most committed companies to the spread of healthy food. In addition, they prioritize sustainability by using recycled packaging for their products.

10. Nutiva

The last in our list of best organic food stores is Nutiva, providing coconut and hemp to the market. This private company is known for its various innovations and is committed to providing both non-GMO and kosher food to the market.

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