1 Year Medical Programs to Get Degree

Getting a degree nowadays is a little hard specially on the medical field, though there are schools all over the globe that offers a one year medical program. Here is a list of some schools who offers a one year program in the medical field:

1 Year Medical Programs

Schools for One Year Program in the Medical Field

Boston University (Master of Arts in Medical Sciences) – offers 1 or 2 year medical programs in Masters of Arts in Medical Science Degree Programs. They are helping students by giving them a background about the different careers in the medical field. The university also grants the MA degree in health science.

New York Medical College– the school offers a year-accelerated path in the New York Medical College interdisciplinary basics in health science. This was intended for people who would like to apply in the medical school. Here, the student’s applications to medical schools are being guided by the faculty.

Eastern Virginia Medical School (Master of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences )– the university is offering 1 year medical programs to get a pre-professional master’s degree in Science-Accelerated Biomedical Sciences. In this program, the students are given the knowledge about physiology, embryology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. In this way program, students highly motivated have the chance to improve their credentials by representing and showing their abilities in a difficult situation in the medical school.

University of Cincinnati– this masters in Physiology is program that is intended to help and assist college graduates to toughen their credentials and prepare for their application in the medical schools in the United States. The students will be enrolling a two courses for first years that are included between the high predictors of achievement and success in the medical field, this include a course throughout the spring quarter. Meanwhile, in summer the students will be writing their thesis regarding a topic that is related in physiology. Usually these theses are reviews about different topics that are very important and essential in physiology. Another privilege in enrolling the course is the chance to be a resident of Ohio plus a successive application in the different medical schools around Ohio.

University of Toledo Health Science Campus- the purpose of this one-year master’s degree is to offer a medical program to the students who like to improve their skills, abilities and to have a wide range of understanding in Biological Science.  Another is to make their application more enticing and impressive for them be admitted in any medical schools that they wished to apply. In this program, students will be having a chance to fulfill a coursework to medical school and at the same time to join in the graduate school courses that will provide them initial information for a continued education in the curriculum of medical schools. Enrolled students in the program will be having a greater chance to strengthen their applications on different medical schools and students are guaranteed that they will be given an interview at the College Of Medicine. And in addition, the students who will be completing the program successfully will be granted the MA Biomedical Science degree.

There you have the top five schools for one year program in the medical field to choose from. Study your options well and let yourself shine by selecting the best school for you!

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