Dermatology Residency Programs

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Dermatology is a field that can give you a successful career, and the first step to starting off your life as a dermatologist is finding a residency program to give you quality experience. These are the best dermatology residency programs, and if you want to find yourself a great place to study and work then these 5 places can do you well.

Stanford University Program

Everyone is familiar with Stanford, but what you may not know is that they are well known for their dermatology program. This residency gives you a great chance to study at an elite facility, if you are looking for the best dermatology residency programs then you are looking at the right place.

Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program (

best dermatology residency programs


This is another program in California, but it is just as renowned for giving dermatology residency programs a run for their money. When you pick the LA County Harbor UCLA program you will not regret it.

Dermatology Residency Programs University of Connecticut Program (

This is one of the most popular dermatology residency programs amongst residents, and former participants have nothing but praise for the professionals that help them learn at this institution. The University of Connecticut is world-renowned for a reason, so come find out why!

Loyola University Program (

This is one of the best places to choose out of the many dermatology residency programs, and not just in Illinois! They make the top list of dermatology residency programs because of their dedication to their residents and by always giving them a great experience.

Thomas Jefferson University Program

There are few programs in the country that compare to the dermatology experience at Thomas Jefferson, and if you have to go here to see just how much you can learn. They challenge you, but if you are up to the task then you will have a rewarding experience and learn enough to prepare you for the next step.

These are the top dermatology residency programs, and if you are looking for a new place to call home then any of these five can be right for you. You should consider these dermatology residency programs when you look through the many options, and we assure you that you will have a great time at any of these institutions.

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